Freebase E-liquids

Step-up your vaping experience with our Freebase Vape Juices. These juices are designed for Starter Kits (MTL vaping). We have many flavours and different nicotine strengths to choose from. High-quality ingredients are used, delivering smooth hits and robust flavours. For beginners, if you are used to smoking a lot, you may find Freebase more your cup of tea. Freebase has a stronger throat hit than Nicotine Salts. Our Freebase E-Liquid comes in 3 and 6 mg. Nicotine on its own is very potent and made up of negatively charged particles, meaning when it enters the body, it does not easily move around to receptors. Freebase nicotine is mixed with other absorbable liquids to make it more bioavailable so it can move around the body and stimulate receptors.

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  • VC Vault – Freebase

    $29.95Earn up to 30 vape coins.

    The Vault is open and the originals are BACK! Once the Vape Crew Range, then rebranded – They have now returned to their original formulas to give you VC Vault!

    All your favourites are back – Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, Gamma and Omega – made prettier than ever and ready to fly off the shelves.

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  • Sun Bear – Freebase

    $34.99Earn up to 35 vape coins.

    Experience the natural warmth of SunBear Vape Juice with sun-soaked flavors, blending sweetness and smoothness into the perfect blend for summer!

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