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What Device is Best For Me?

It’s an age old question – what device do I need and what one is going to be best for me?
Add that to the choices in e-liquid thickness, nicotine strengths, and flavours, and you have yourself a bunch of confusion – and possibly a headache. I promise it is not as complicated as it sounds, and myself, as well as our educated and knowledgeable staff, are here to help!

Reusable Vapes

Reusable Vapes are the simplest devices you’ll find. Instead of being ‘one use’, Reusables come with removable and rechargeable battery, and child safety features such as a lock and ability to turn off/on. To use, simply pick a flavour, attach the prefilled pod magnetically, and turn on. When the pod has done its dash, or you want to change flavour, change the top. It’s that simple!

   Small and convenient
   Perfect for stealth vaping
   + Discreet
   + Affordable
   + Easy to use

    Single-use increases waste
    Flavour output is average
    No refilling

A lot of people will make the comment, “-but they are bad for the environment”, but rest assured, Vape Crew does its best to ensure our battery-run devices are disposed of properly. Want to learn how? Read more HERE

To shop our reusable vape ranges – visit our reusable vape page

Pod Devices

Pods – The small, discreet and cigarette-type devices that are some of the most practical vaping devices available. A pod vape is generally a two-piece kit with one piece being the battery/device and the other, a refillable pod.

These types of devices are cost effective and easy to use. Considering their pocket-friendly size, MTL (mouth to lung) pod devices perform at a high level and produce a satisfying and vape for nicotine delivery, working similar to a cigarette – just better.

   Easy to operate
   Refillable or replaceable pods
   + Button or draw-activated puff
   + Ideal for stealth vaping
   + High nicotine delivery

    Quality and performance can vary greatly between devices
    Low vapor
    Frequent recharging of batteries

The type of nicotine used in pods varies, but try to purchase e-juices labelled as PG50/50VG or PG40/60VG. Thinner liquid known as ‘salts’ works best for the pods’ smaller coil resistances and will prevent it from burning out sooner than necessary.

Box Mod / Regulated Devices

Mods, also known as box mods, regulated mods or mod kits are larger and more powerful vapes, usually requiring external batteries to run it at higher wattages. These particular vapes are designed for full flavour and a lower nicotine delivery through the use of a sub ohm tank, RTA or RDA.

Most box mods come with settings and features such as variable wattage and temperature control. Each however is different so make sure to check your user manual on purchase to find out more.

   Many options to choose from
   + Higher performance
   + Long-running internal or external batteries
   + Can be used with other tanks
   + High flavour

    Not beginner friendly
   – Not pocket friendly

The type of nicotine used for sub ohm tanks comes typically as ‘freebase’ in a variety of strengths and bottle sizes, but try to purchase e-juices labelled as PG70/30VG. Thicker liquid works best for the tanks’ larger coil resistances and will prevent it from burning out sooner than necessary, or leaking.

Note: In New Zealand, the law states any 100ml bottles over a 6mg nicotine ratio must be bottled as a 60ml. 

What type of vape should I buy?

This is a common question but rarely can it be answered for you as it will always be a personal choice. Most important are your needs and your budget which will always be taken into consideration at our Vape Crew stores NZ-wide.

If you cannot decide, feel free to head into our stores and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff who will help with the best of their abilities.

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