About Us

Vape Crew – It’s a trusted name that’s been around almost as long as vaping has been in New Zealand. But who are we?
We are more than just a business – We are people, we are a family, and we all have a connection or reason to be involved in this industry.

From the Retail Staff to Managing Director, every one of us has a story to tell, ranging from personal successes in giving up cigarettes, helping friends and family make the switch, or losing loved ones to tobacco related illnesses.

Nation wide, all our staff are here to help you through your journey and realise every person’s road is different. 

Where did it all start?

In 2014, the first Vape Crew store opened by GAIA Organics (AUS) in Penrose, Auckland, quickly expanding with stores in New Lynn, Hamilton and Wellington being added shortly after. 

With our customer base growing to over 15,000 people, there was a need for a bigger warehouse facility – thus Manukau was born. This growth highlighted the need for other locations, with us reaching into Christchurch, Matamata and Henderson. 

It’s Kiwi-Az… Bro!

In 2020, Vape Crew became 100% New Zealand owned and operated with the company being purchased by QJ Satchell at NZVAPOR. It was a huge turning point for the staff and customers, seeing changes in not only the products being sold, but the service we were able to offer as a NZ-owned company.  

However, due to Covid-19, we had to make the hard call to close some of the Auckland locations. It was no easy decision. The closure of New Lynn, Manukau and Penrose not only affected our staff, but also our customers that those stores serviced. 

Industry Regulation

It’s not as scary as it sounds. In fact, it’s for the benefit of every end user.

2020 saw the beginning of the New Zealand Vaping Regulations. While many saw this initially as restrictive and detrimental, it would lead to a higher level of trust in stocked products and safer manufacturing procedures. Online stores also had to have a physical premises, allowing for face to face customer service (which Vape Crew prides itself on), as well as strict rules around advertising, labelling and becoming a legal R18+ industry.

Since the start of the NZ regulation introduction, we have been among the first to ensure all required boxes are ticked, giving our customers the reassurance in the products we stock and supply in our vape shop.

A New Era For Vape Crew

In September of 2022, Vape Crew changed ownership once again, falling into the experienced hands of Brett Nixon, who has been with the company since 2014 but involved in the industry outside of New Zealand for over 15 years.

Brett moved Vape Crew forward with a clear vision to help more New Zealanders move away from tobacco products, and better themselves economically, and mitigating the health risks associated with cigarettes. Brett says, “We are dedicated to not only our own business, but to the industry.”

Vape Crew sold again in late 2023, falling into the hands of our trusted friends at Big Dog Limited, merging with our sister brand Vape Factory.